Fresh Choices

Client Project

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Fresh Choices lets users track the fresh foods they have in their fridge, freezer, and pantry. Organize foods, digitize your grocery receipts, and discover new recipes with what you have. Never lose track of foods and don't let anything go to waste ever again!

The Challenge

To create an intuitive and easy to use mobile app that would help organize food items, set up reminders, and digitize receipts.

UX Designer

Sketch and Invision

October – November 2019

Mobile iOS



Workshop and Brainstorming

Getting to know the client's vision

I collaborated with the client to brainstorm ideas while gathering a substantial amount of information and asking a lot of questions. The step is an important stepping stone in laying the foundation, setting expectations, and tells what direction I need to go.

User Interviews

Understanding the individual

To help better understand potential users I conducted interviews to find out what individuals found frustrating. Focusing on what users found to be their main pain points and solving those problems creates a seamless experience.

"Sometimes I'm not sure if I already have this food item or enough of it"– Claire

"My schedule's pretty packed and I don't have a lot of time"– Rachel

"Impulse buying at the grocery store means I throw away a lot of unused food"– Greg

Affinity Mapping

Organizing the data

I tracked some of the patterns that arose throughout the interview process and organized them through an Affinity Map. Being able to visually see recurring patterns and more common themes across help paint a clearer picture on what problems to focus on.

Main Takeaways

Lessons I learned from research

Several themes emerged from the research; some aspects I suspected but I was not expecting other themes to surface.

Accessibility and Ease of Use
A easy to use tool allows for a wider demographic of potential users to be able to utilize the app

Community Outreach
Most expressed a desire to help local communities either through time, goods, or fiscal means

Most of those interviewed said they were constrained by a busy schedule and having little room for flexibility



Midfi Wireframes

Sketching out an iterative design

No great design starts off as a polished end product; creating wireframes offers a chance to create with research as the foundation. It also allows me to iterate designs and test a variety of potential principles, actions, and flows that a user might experience.


Brightening it up with color and typography

Based off the brainstorming and workshops with the client, they wanted a fresh and simple to use design that placed an emphasis on clarity and usability for a wider range of users.

The bright green represents health, nature, and prosperity. These are elements that link back to the core mission of Fresh Choices; to eliminate food waste and promote a healthier individual.

The black and grey create stark contrast with the green and are there to offer a high degree of usability.

Be Vietnam is a sans serif typeface that balances a modern tech feel with legibility on digital screens. The slight roundness conveys a sense of friendliness that pairs well with the core principles of promoting health for all.

Final Design

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