From beginning to end, finding a new home to rent or lease can be a difficult and stressful journey. For a landlord finding a reliable renter takes time and the longer a place isn’t filled the less money they see. Showpads seeks to create a service that matches both dependable renters and landlords/property owners making the experience efficient and enjoyable for everyone. By creating a community of reliable users Showpads aims to create
a small but dependable and trustworthy network of renters, landlords, and realtors.

The Challenge

To create a mobile responsive website that helps match renters with realtors and agents with vacant homes that are perfect for the renters.

Role: UX Designer
Team Members:
George Economou,
Tools: Sketch, Figma, Invision
Timeframe: 5 Months
Platform: Mobile Responsive Web

I.  Research

Understanding Needs

I began with surveys and interviews of both Renters and Realtors to lay the groundwork for research to identify and understand user trends and needs. Here's some of the things that both realtors and renters said:

“I don’t want to be called while i’m at work about a property”
— Jill (renter)
“I would be interested in notifying qualified renters if it was done in the right way”
— Jason (realtor)
I would love a way to find pre-vetted renters who fit the needs of my property”
— Miguel (realtor)
"I would love this on my phone”
— Roxy (renter)
“I was left waiting outside of a locked door for a realtor”
— Rebecca (renter)

Renter Surveys

During our renter survey one of the biggest issues found was the problem of time; renters often felt that getting in touch with realtors or owners was not efficient at all.

1 or More Hours for Travel
Found experience either frustrating and
time-consuming or thought it could be
more efficient.
Had difficulties contacting owners or getting appointments to see properties.
Were open to creating a profile which would only be searchable by landlords and Realtors.

Realtor Surveys

During our  survey with realtors I saw the issue of time come up again. Realtors often felt that there was a lack of pre-vetting being done that the realtors themselves had to do on potential renters.

1 or More Hours for Travel
Realtors stated that it took between 11 - 20 leads or potential renters to close a lease
Percentage of realtors who said that their biggest frustrations with leasing properties are the long hours needed to close a lease with little less pay.
Percentage of realtors that wanted  pre-vetting on renters in order to get better leads.

Competitive and Comparative Analysis

Understanding how other real estate websites operate gives a clearer picture on how to build a matching service. Being able to provide services that other competitors do not offer helps create a unique brand for Showpads.

II.  Analysis

Affinity Mapping

Affinity Mapping allowed me to identify trends and highlight some of the more common pain points for our potential users.

Affinity Map w/ TeamAffinity Mapping Zoom In

Key Insights


A busy schedule and a lack of time for both renters and realtors means coordinating a home viewing or any appointment to finalize paperwork can be a major point of frustration.


Good communication was something that many felt could be improved. Quick and timely responses by both renters and realtors meant happier people.


People were always looking for customization and choices to help tailor and
personalize their needs.

User Personas

User personas help paint a fuller picture by humanizing the problem and creating individuals that potential users can relate to. User personas also represent a majority of potential users interviewed. Many of the user traits, pain points, and needs that our two personas Tracy and Robert have our interviewees have as well.

Renter Persona

Realtor Persona

Prioritizing Features

Information from analyzing and organizing user research led me to
prioritize what kind of features users needed more than what they wanted.
The challenge here was keeping in mind the two different users and their own separate needs.

User Flows - Mapping It Out

Creating a user flow helps to map out what a user may come across. User Flows also allow me to better organize Information Architecture by visualizing where a user may end up.

III.  Design


Sketching out ideas is the only way to truly get an idea what the user can see. It is a fast way to get basic prototypes tested and explore what ideas work and what does not. The goal here was to translate theory into something a bit more tangible and workable and place myself in the shoes of a user.

Mid Fidelity Wireframes for Renters

Moving from the physical to the digital space allowed me to create a basic usable clickable prototype and help finalize what features I could improve on.

Final Prototype

Test the prototype in Invision App